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Recycled fashion studio portraits

by Adam Foster on 19th June '09
Graduate fashion week collection

*Update* Alison’s 2013 Graduate fashion week collection!

Following my last adventure in the photography studio at the start of the year I returned twice to take more photos of dresses handmade by my sister. The theme for her new collection was Recycled Fashion, therefore in this set all dresses are made from 2nd hand, recycled materials. The dresses are really good quality and show great attention to detail. We needed photos that showed the full outfits in a fun and interesting way.

Fashion portrait, evening dress

Handmade eveing dress, photographed in a college photography studio

Recycled fashion handmade tie dress

Handmade recycled fashion dress, made from worn and used neck tie’s

Capri sun handmade dress bag a recycled fashion portrait

A recycled fashion portrait of a handmade Capri sun dress and bag. Made and modeled by my sister.

Recycled Tie dress

The first dress is made from used neck ties in shades of blues to match the main part of the dress. All collected by family friends or bought from car boot sales. The main part of the dress was made from a pattern and then the flounce was replaced with a collection of ties. The dress itself has invisible zipper in the back and is fully lined and has light boning.

We tried a variety of shots using different perspectives and poses, eventually trying to top down perspective to showcase the tie flounce in all it’s glory.

Recycled Capri-sun handmade dress & bag

The second dress is made from exactly 100 Capri-sun drink pouches. To accompany the dress is a Capri-sun bag made from 36 pouches. The dress has a zipper in the back to make it easier to get on and off. It was completely hand made over several days.

I had a bit of fun with this shot in Photoshop to help bring the dress and photo to life.

*Update* Graduate fashion week collection

I’ve added a new cover photo showing Alison’s final year collection, taken at the UCLan cat walk show at Graduate Fashion Week 2013 in London.

The collection is titled: “Even When A Bird Walks, One Feels It Has Wings”.

The 6 photos where taken by the GFW photographer, I editing and stitched together to make the full collection.

Handmade knitted star dress

Handmade design knitted star dress in black and gold

Studio fashion photography portrait. Girl in recycled dress.

A second shot of the recycled neck tie outfit, handmade and modeled by my sister.

Studio fashion photo of a girls Calaf waistcoat

Girls Calaf waistcoat from the Turandot opera, handmade and modeled by my sister.

Alison Foster Graduate Fashion Week 2013

Even When A Bird Walks, One Feels It Has Wings