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Life in Australia

by Adam Foster on 17th November '16
Vivid Light 2016

Sydney Harbour Bridge during Vivid Light festival 2016

On February 17th ’16 I swapped Yorkshire, England for Sydney, Australia. I left in search of a new beginning and to experience life living in another country.

It took me around a month to settle in, I was lucky to have family already in Sydney and culturally Australia is similar enough to the UK. In-between the job hunting and flat searching I was able to explore Sydney and take lots of photos. We had the Australia Open Surf and Volleyfest at Manly beach and Vivid Light Festival in the city, both were a great opportunity to get out and use my camera.

Since starting work, I tried to travel as much as possible with my camera- taking weekend camping trips and long hikes along the coast.

On the 17th of November, exactly nine month after I landed in Australia my sponsorship visa application was approved! It allows me to stay here for up to four years. So, I figure now is a good time to share some of my photos from the last nine months of life here in Australia.

Gorilla stare

Gorilla taken at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia.

Napping Lemur

A sleepy looking lemur at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia.

Forester kangaroo

A wild Forester kangaroo, taken in Morisset, New South Wales.

Sydney Sea & Cityscape

The Sydney Cityscape as seen from Taronga Zoo.

Seal Rocks Beach

Seal Rocks was named after the Australian fur seals that live on the rocks.

Pelican taking off

Pelican taking off from a lamp post at Long Reef Point along the Sydney coastline

Australia Women's beach volleyball

Australia’s U21 Volleyroos, Brittany Kendall and Shelby Maher

Brushtail possum with baby

A common Brushtail possum carrying it’s baby.

Sydney Opera House, Vivid

Projections on the Sydney Opera House. Part of Vivid Light festival 2016

Vivid Sydney Fireworks

Lase Dragon Water Theatre at Darling Harbour, Sydney

Sydney Harbour boats

Morning rush hour at Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour. Outside of the Opera House.

Statue at Waverley Cemetery

Statue at Waverley Cemetery, with views over Nelson Bay, Bondi, Sydney.

Sunset paragliders at Long Reef Point

Paraglider’s at Long Reef Point overlooking Narrabeen beach. Taken just before sunset.

Robin Bolian, pro skateboarder

Robin Bolian a pro skateboarder from Lyon, France. Skateboarding in the beach bowl pro competition at Australia Open of Surfing 2016, Manly Beach, Sydney.

GoPro Be a HERO

GoPro Be a HERO. A skateboarder riding past the Go Pro advert.

Palm Beach tree

Palm Beach landscape, taken from the Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Shelly Beach Rocks sunrise

Sunrise at Shelly Beach Rocks and outdoor swimming pool

Laughing kookaburra in tree

A wild Laughing kookaburra in a tree at Pacific Palms.

National Pass, Blue Mountains

Hiking along the National Pass and Wentworth Pass in Blue Mountains National Park

Mosman Bay Boats

I caught an early ferry into the city and walked 26 miles around the coast back home to Manly, visiting each point and head along the the way.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise flower, taken at Neutral Bay in Sydney. One of my favorite flowers.

Joey kangaroo head in pouch

A wild western grey joey kangaroo head poking out of mother kangaroo’s pouch.

Giraffe at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Giraffe’s head at Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

Royal National Park coast track

Hiking in Royal National Park on the coast track. 31km of beautiful coastline.

Garie Beach, Royal National Park

View of Garie Beach in Royal National Park, NSW. Taken from the Coast Track.