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A collection of photos from amateur photographer Adam Foster

Chester Zoo

by Adam Foster on 23rd May '10
Cute little giraffe calf feeding at Chester Zoo

Cute little giraffe calf feeding at Chester Zoo

Photos from several visits to my local zoo in Chester. Chester Zoo is the most popular visitor attraction in England outside London! It has 12,000 animals from 400 different species.

Every time I visit I discover a new animal and exciting opportunities to photograph animals I wouldn’t otherwise get to see. My favourite animal to photography is probably the giraffe. It’s the one animal you’re guaranteed to see every visit, they tend to move slowly which makes them easier to photograph.

Cute penguin couple pose for a photo

Cute penguin couple pose for a photo

Humboldt penguin couple at Chester Zoo

Humboldt penguin couple grooming in preparation for a photo

the dear hunter, baby deer fawn

Young deer fawn

close up face giraffe portrait

I just love how their faces are so detailed and full of character; I think this one looks like he is pouting for the camera.

Giraffe close-up face

Giraffe one of the only animals you’re guaranteed to see at the zoo

Giraffe skin natural pattern

Giraffe skin natural pattern, make a great iPhone wallpaper

Firefox Red Panda close-up

A cute little Red Panda, also know as the Firefox!

Brown Bactrian camel

Bactrian camel snacking on some bark

Galapagos Tortoise at Chester Zoo

Galapagos Tortoise can live up to 150 years

Light as a butterfly

Taken at the butterfly house at Chester Zoo, England

Meerkat at Chester Zoo

Meerkat relieving himself behind a small bush

Monarch butterfly at Chester Zoo

Monarch butterfly inside Butterfly World at Chester Zoo

Rhinoceros at Chester Zoo


Birds flying in the night

A flock of seagulls in flight

Zebra skin natural pattern

Zebra skin natural pattern, would make a great iPhone wallpaper