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Royal National Park coast track

Royal National Park coast track

by Adam Foster in Landscape


Hiking in Royal National Park on the coast track.

We caught a ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena to start the track at the Northern tip. The first point of interest was Wedding Cake Rock, a large bright white square rock. About a third of the way we had by a swim, ice cream and did some cliff jumping at Wattamolla beach. Closely followed by a lunch break and swim at Garie beach. The last stop of the day was the figure eight pools, one last swim to cool off before the hard climb out of the National Park and to Otford train station.

It was a challenge to organise and plan the route as a day hike. There was no rail all weekend and so a bus replacement service (and Uber) got us back to Cronulla to pick up the car. Totally worth it, an amazing 31km hike through the bush and along the beautiful coastline.


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