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Hang gliding in Byron Bay

Hang gliding in Byron Bay

by Adam Foster in Landscape


This is Tallows Beach, Cape Byron, New South Wales. The most easterly point in Australia.

We took a walk from Byron Bay centre through the rainforest through Cape Byron Nature Reserve to the Cape Byron lighthouse. We had just planned on walking around the lighthouse and taking a few photos of the amazing scenery. But we saw people jumping off a cliff and flying on the sea breeze, we had to try it!All Eyez on Me 2017 film

It was a tandem hang glide so after taking a leap of faith from where this photo was taken we worked our way up in the sea breeze, gaining enough elevation to fly over to the Cape Byron lighthouse. From the sky I could see turtles & sting rays in the water below and at one point we were meters above the lighthouse circling around it. We ended with a rough landing on Tallows Beach. This photo is of my girlfriend on her flight.


Photo © Adam Foster, all rights reserved.

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