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Hoffmann kiln, Craven Lime Works. Limestone kiln in Langcliffe

The edge of darkness

by Adam Foster in Cinematic


This is the Hoffmann Kiln, Craven Lime Works in Langcliffe. I have lived less than 30 minute walk from here for nearly 20 years and only been three times, this was the first time with my camera. I had to drag my sister (seen at the far end of this shot) with me as the kiln is pretty creepy on your own. It’s hard to describe the kiln, I guess it’s like a large man-made cave and above ground?

This shot was taken on a 30 second exposure, f/22 in the West chamber facing North.

Taken at Hoffman Kiln, Langcliffe, Near Settle, North Yorkshire, England.


Photo © Adam Foster, all rights reserved.

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