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Cute penguin couple pose for a photo

The perfect penguin couple

by Adam Foster in Animal portrait


It was early winter and late in the day, Chester Zoo was all but empty; as I approached the Humboldt Penguin enclosure I was drawn to a male and female who appeared to be very intimate; they were really close together and looked to be petting or cleaning each other. As I got closer to them I stopped to compose a shot and they both looked right at me; just for a second, but long enough for me to grab a shot that pretty much made my day. I later found out that most Humboldt penguin pairs remain faithful to each other for years, rarely choosing new partners unless one of them dies, and they often return to the same site to breed year after year. I like to think these two are lifelong lovers but I don’t know for sure… maybe we could learn a lot about relationships from these feathery, faithful birds!



Photo © Adam Foster, all rights reserved.

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